Here are just a few of the organizations that we have helped move forward.

Consulting and Coaching

More Than Words Therapy

More Than Words Therapy Services is committed to providing quality therapy to children and their families in Clarksville, TN and servicing our military families in the Ft. Campbell/Oak Grove, KY area.

H&S helps this growing business by providing leadership development coaching, systems analysis, and organizational climate consulting.


Media Works Design

“I have connected with Carlo through work together with a non-profit. Through that connection, I learned to trust and rely on Carlo. It became obvious that Carlo was a great source for advice and consultation on a variety of topics, especially in the area of employee relations. Carlo’s expertise in counseling, organizational management and psychology are of tremendous value. He provides great insights in helping deal with employee situations.”

Frank White, Owner, Media Works Design


Gracie Barra Clarksville Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Gracie Barra Clarksville exists to help their clients meet their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu goals by providing expert instruction and a safe, clean, and positive training climate regardless of age, gender, or degree of athleticism. Their skilled instructors facilitate this mission in a fun, safe, professional, and world-class training environment. Everyone is welcome.

H&S has helped this organization experience exponential growth since 2015.


General Manager, Planet Fitness Clarksville

H&S helps this high-capacity leader to maximize his time management skills and increase his personal productivity.